Debunking 101: How to spot fake (archaeology) news and what to do about it

A new and troubling problem has emerged alongside the widespread use of the internet and its integration in our daily lives. Despite having constant and often free access to enormous amounts of information, we are not, as one might think, becoming a more informed and knowledgeable society. Not only are we inundated with more information than we can process, there are also all sorts of mechanisms and features of our social and techno-social environments which make it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. As a result, we have to develop new tools in order to avoid the many pitfalls of this hostile environment.

In conjunction with the February conference, "Archaeology in a Post-Truth World", Dr. Cailin O'Connor of UC Irvine's Logic and Philosophy of Science Department, along with Philosophy Ph.D. candidate Darby Vickers, will a host a workshop on how to understand the spread of misinformation and how to prevent it from spreading.

1) The workshop will discuss case studies which present examples of misinformation, particularly in the field of archaeology.

2) Cailin O'Connor will present research and findings from her new book, The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread.

3) Methods will be discussed for how to prevent the spread of misinformation.

November 19th | 4-6pm

Crystal Cove Auditorium

UCI Student Center


Cailin O'Connor

Logic and Philosophy of Science - UC Irvine

Darby Vickers

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy - UC Irvine


UCI Department of Philosophy

UCI Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science

UCI Department of Art History

UCI Department of Classics

UCI Center for Ethnography